Brilliant Business Models — April 20th, 2015

Eight years ago I left my desk job and entered the world of online entrepreneurship. There have been many ups and downs since that journey started, but one thing has remained the same.

I am fascinated with, and love meeting, the friends that I have made online. Some of them have become really close friends.

A couple of weeks ago Allison and I talked about online personas, and one of the people we discussed was Erin Loechner.

I came across Erin and her work when I was surfing the internet looking for design inspiration. When I landed on her site I fell in love with it.

Then I spent some time reading through her blog, which is filled with authenticity and being real — for that reason alone it instantly became a “must read” — then I landed on her Work With Erin page.

Let’s start with the fact that she has over a million fans. If you dig a little deeper, you will see they are spread out over a number of social media platforms — Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

She also offers a variety of services such as writing, speaking and creating.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out her business model. It’s clear as day, and in my opinion, is brilliant. So take notes on this, m’kay?

Follow your passion. Build an audience. Sell access to yourself.