I’ve never really had one of these before, but I’m frequently asked which tools I use to develop websites. Here are the ones being used on mine.

1. WordPress
The world’s greatest content management system and blog publishing tool. And yes, I’m using custom post types to display the various content.

2. Genesis Framework
This is a framework of immaculate code that is search engine optimized and allows you to paint a beautiful picture for your website. Go get some.

3. Site Design
Once in a while you find something that you must have, so I knocked off a design by Mike McAlister. Don’t worry, I paid him for the theme.

4. Starbucks
All vehicles require energy, and my personal blog is no different. It is proudly powered by a daily dose of triple grande one-pump hazelnut lattes.

5. Sarah McLachlan
My writing has always been inspired by her songwriting and melodies. There’s a good chance that as you read this, I’m listen to one of her albums.