My 3 “Go-to” Websites for Design Inspiration

It’s no secret that designers have their special “go-to” places for inspiration and I was recently asked me what mine are.

When looking for inspiration with typography and design, these are the websites that I highly recommend bookmarking. It’s good stuff, really it is.

1. Dribbble

There’s a reason that Dribbble’s site tagline is “Show and tell for designers,” and the best designers on the planet are showcasing their work there.

Here’s a few very talented designers I’d recommend following:

2. StudioPress Showcase

It goes without saying that there’s an incredible amount of talent within the Genesis Community. Head over to the StudioPress Showcase to see for yourself.

I could spend hours browsing through all of the incredible sites that are listed, and below you’ll see a list of some of my favorite Genesis Designers:

3. Web Inspiration Gallery

This is a newer site that I’ve found, one that has replaced those CSS galleries that are filled with affiliate ads. When I came across on WIG I couldn’t be any happier.

Here you can sort the site showcase by colors, fonts, styles and subjects. I love this capability because there are times when I want to look for specific design elements — whether it be typography, minimalism, or whatnot.

I’m sure there’s a number of other places that I randomly use for inspiration, but the ones I listed above are easily my first choice.

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  1. says

    I’d also recommend for those with a love of photography and type. I’m selfishly tossing this one in there because I’d love to see something similar come out from StudioPress.

  2. says

    Nice list. I added a few links to my “inspiration” Evernote note based on this, thanks.

    Question: Are you doing all mobile-first theme design now, or do you still do it the “traditional” desktop way as well? If your still doing desktop, do you use a grid, and if so which one?

    • says

      I’m still dabbling in both mobile-first and conventional desktop as well. It really depends on what I’m designing, though. As for a grid, no, I’m not using anything specific as many of the designs I’m doing vary in layout.

  3. says

    I have never heard of WIG but I think I might be in love with the site. It is fantastic that you can view the inspiration sites directly on WIG’s site.

  4. says

    Ah! Thanks for this Brian. I love design eye-candy and am always looking for fresh new sources. And since I’m sprucing up my own site the CSS galley is a great resource. :)

  5. says

    Wow Brian, thank you so much for the mention. I’m always inspired by your work as well (love that minimalism!). I’m anxious to check out some of these other designers you mentioned as well.

  6. says

    Hi Brian thanks so much for the list of designers I’ll check them out for sure. I have to say you have inspired me the most out of all the designers I have come across with your creations. I have never enjoyed building websites until I started with StudioPress and your themes. Big thanks to you and your team my friend.

  7. says

    Brian, always enjoy your work. Find it quite interesting and a bit funny as a designer, you didn’t include any visuals in this post. Great resources but pictures rule. ;-)

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