“Go-to” Websites for Design Inspiration

It’s no secret that designers have their special “go-to” places for inspiration and I was recently asked me what mine are.

When looking for inspiration with typography and design, these are the websites that I highly recommend bookmarking. It’s good stuff, really it is.

1. Dribbble

There’s a reason that Dribbble’s site tagline is “Show and tell for designers,” and the best designers on the planet are showcasing their work there.

Here’s a few very talented designers I’d recommend following:

2. StudioPress Showcase

It goes without saying that there’s an incredible amount of talent within the Genesis Community. Head over to the StudioPress Showcase to see for yourself.

I could spend hours browsing through all of the incredible sites that are listed, and below you’ll see a list of some of my favorite Genesis Designers:

3. Web Inspiration Gallery

This is a newer site that I’ve found, one that has replaced those CSS galleries that are filled with affiliate ads. When I came across on WIG I couldn’t be any happier.

Here you can sort the site showcase by colors, fonts, styles and subjects. I love this capability because there are times when I want to look for specific design elements — whether it be typography, minimalism, or whatnot.

I’m sure there’s a number of other places that I randomly use for inspiration, but the ones I listed above are easily my first choice.

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