Display an Email Signup Form After Blog Posts

It’s no secret that one of the biggest keys to success for growing your business is email marketing. While it might seem old-fashioned compared to social media, the effectiveness of email marketing can still be huge.

Of course you need to make sure you’re doing it right, so be sure to build trust by giving your subscribers something of value.

Genesis has made the process of collecting emails simple. With a few lines of code and a plugin, you’ll be on your way to building your business.

Enabling the After Entry Widget

After releasing a number of StudioPress themes that included an after entry widget are that we registered via the theme and a custom function, we decided it was time to make that even easier to do.

We added code inside of Genesis that does all of the dirty work for you, so all you need to do is place the code below into your theme’s functions file:

This code will register the after widget area for you, and place it directly onto the genesis_after_entry hook.

Adding the Genesis eNews Extended Widget

The next step in the process is quite simple as well. Download and install the Genesis eNews Extended plugin on your website.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, this plugin creates a new widget to easily add mailing lists integration to your Genesis-powered website. Email providers supported include FeedBurner, MailChimp, AWeber and FeedBlitz.

Once you have activated the plugin, go to the Appearance > Widgets screen in your dashboard and place the Genesis eNews Extended widget into the after entry widget area.

Now you can configure the widget options based on your email provider and customize text for input boxes and submit buttons.

Styling Your Email Signup Form

At the bottom of my blog posts you will see that I’ve placed an email signup form. I’ve styled the form a bit through my theme’s style sheet in order to get it to look the way it does.

Below is the CSS that I used on my form, which should give you a place to start on styling your own email signup form.

Enabling theme support for the after entry widget area results in the widgets being placed into a container that has the .after-entry class applied to it.

Obviously the CSS that you see above is customized to match the look of my site, so you might need to add/remove some of what you see.

I hope that you enjoyed this Genesis tutorial. I have also published a list of Genesis code snippets, so feel free to use anything you see there.