Google Font Combinations That You’ll Love

It’s no secret the days of custom web fonts have been around for a while. What started out by Typekit and Adobe is now being finished by Google.

There is a lot of buzz going on these days with web design and custom fonts, and more than likely you’ve seen some typography that you’d die to use. Some of these are paid fonts, which costs you money.

In walks Google Web Fonts – and all of your miseries go away. Below you will see 5 examples of Google Font combinations you should start using.

1. Montserrat and Neuton

Montserrat and Neuton Google Fonts Combination

2. Roboto Slab and Roboto

Roboto Slab and Roboto Google Fonts Combination

3. Lato and Merriweather

Lato and Merriweather Google Fonts Combination

4. Playfair Display and Open Sans

Playfair Display and Open Sans Google Fonts Combination

5. Oswald and Quattrocento

Oswald and Quattrocento Google Fonts Combination

Loading Google Fonts

If your website is powered by the Genesis Framework and would like to add Google Fonts, the process is extremely simple. Trust me, it really is.

Below is the code you should use to properly add Google Fonts:

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