Mountain Tops

You see me on social media, and you see me write about my past. But what you don’t see or hear me talk about is my love for God.

There’s really no good explanation for that, other than I’ve been denying Him in public because I have a fear of being judged.

By you.

And it’s unwarranted, because I’ve had many people who aren’t believers continue to show support for me. No matter what I write about.

So if you’re looking for me, try behind the rock. Or under the stairs. Because that’s where I’ve been hiding.

One of the reasons I’ve chosen to remove comments here on my personal blog is to alleviate any source of judgement that can be placed upon me.

You see, I haven’t been strong with my beliefs, and that is something I’m desperately trying to change.

Because I’m not ashamed. And I don’t want you to think I am.

I’ve lived through some really tough times, and I’ve made some really poor decisions. But I’ve also been forgiven infinitely, and am loved beyond my ability to comprehend.

And that’s something I want to scream from mountain tops.

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