A (Free) Minimalist Theme

Brian Gardner

It’s no secret that I love minimal design, so this announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise. And if you follow me on Dribbble you probably saw this coming.

Earlier this week I launched a new design for my friend Courtney Carver over at Be More With Less. Obviously simplicity was on my mind, so it was natural for me to start working on another theme. This is where you all start winning.

Please note that there are things about this theme that are very intentional. It doesn’t have sidebars, there’s one-level navigation and zero footer widgets. Don’t ask me how to add these things back to the theme. I won’t tell you…

Because it’s supposed to be simple. The emphasis should be on the content, ya dig? With that said, I’m very happy to share the Minimalist Theme with you.

And … the Minimalist theme is FREE to download. Click here for access.