Top 5 Most Popular Serif Typefaces from Google Fonts

Last month I shared some Google Font combinations that I thought you’d fall in love with, and from the response I got, many of you seemed to enjoy that.

There’s a consensus that sites like Medium have stellar typography, and I’ve been asked a number of times what serif font from Google Fonts I’d recommend.

Below are the top 5 most popular serif fonts from Google fonts.

1. Droid Serif

Droid Serif Google Font

2. Roboto Slab

Roboto Slab Google Font

3. Lora

Lora Google Font

4. Bitter

Bitter Google Font

5. Arvo

Arvo Google Font

Loading Google Fonts

If your website is powered by the Genesis Framework and would like to add Google Fonts, the process is extremely simple. Trust me, it really is.

Below is the code you should use to properly add Google Fonts:

Discussion Time

So which serif fonts from Google Fonts are you using on your website? Do you like any of the fonts that you see above in this post?

Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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  1. says

    Good list – I can see why these are popular, and I do recognize them from several websites. Lora draws me to it the most, but I’m more into sans serif fonts most of the time. I’ve been hooked on Open Sans for a couple years at this point and I use it (possibly overuse it) on everything.

    • says

      I go back and forth my serif and sans serif fonts. It mainly depends on the mood I’m in, or what type of design I’m going after. Lately I’ve been stuck on Avenir, and it’s been tough to get away from that.

      Ironically, my favorite serif font from Google Fonts is Neuton, which is what was used on our Remobile theme.

      • Garratt Campton says

        I’ve been using Raleway (100,200,300) for some time now, ever since I saw a gorgeous muse paralax theme that I fell in love with. While I despise muse, the fonts used “Raleway” (headings), “ASAP” (Sub-headings), “Source Sans Pro”(Sub-headings) and “Source Sans Pro Light” (body) were a fantastic combination.

        An example here

  2. says

    For serif fonts, I’ve been leaning on Droid Serif a bit lately. On the san serif front, I can’t seem to get away from Raleway, as it has worked nicely on my last few projects.

  3. says

    Just an FYI, there wasn’t an easy way for me to get to this post from the email I received!

    Recently looked at using Lora on a project, but ended up going with Playfair Display instead.

  4. says

    My favorite on this list is probably Bitter…but I had to really think about that for a few. I like and have used all of them except Lora. Currently on my site I’m using Neuton. I love fonts and my favorite list changes often.

  5. says

    Like Geoffrey above I’ve been on an Open Sans kick for quite some time. I just love that font. With respect to titles, I’ve experimented with and used various ones but keep coming back to Oswald.

    You’re right, I enjoy these type of posts. :)

  6. David Bennett says

    I like ‘Droid’, – maybe a bit narrow. I like ‘Crimson’ that you used on the Minimalist theme.

    I just learned a few days ago about the didone category of fonts, with slim uprights and mostly I am not so fond of those and prefer a rounder, more open font like Crimson.

    I like the slab serif fonts like Arvo and Roboto. And I like Museo, which has a slab and a sans-serif version, and I’ve used all of these.

    Mostly though, I am just happy as can be that we have access to all these fonts.

  7. says

    As the Google Fonts go, I was very partial to Robot Slab for awhile, but I hadn’t considered Lora until I saw it here.

    I generally prefer a serif/sans serif combination, so that headings are set off. So if I was using a sans serif for the content, I do like Roboto Slab still. However, I would consider Lora for content if I was pairing it with a sans serif heading.

  8. says

    I like to find font pairs (Serif/SS). One that most convinces me lately could be a well worn one but still very convincing: Merryweather/Open Sans.

    Font pairings are very very personal and depends on what kind of site they go, but this pair is a great All-Rounder (IMHO).

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