Ten Words

A few months ago I read a post called I Write to Unravel Life’s Lies. The headline drew me in, but the words that followed spoke huge truths.

Ninety Nine

This is about me and how I need to constantly check the way I prioritize things around me — to remind myself of the things that matter in life.

Be the Change

Yesterday was a really cool day for me, as Sarah McLachlan replied to a question that I asked her on a Twitter chat she was hosting.

Mountain Tops

I’ve lived through some really tough times, and I’ve made some really poor decisions. But I’ve also been forgiven infinitely, and am loved beyond my ability to comprehend.

Life in Bomont

One of my favorite movies is Footloose. While I’ve always enjoyed the original, it wasn’t until the remake was released that I really came to like it.

Fragile Songs

In my opinion, there is no music genre where the anesthetization of pain is more evident than grunge.

The Facebook Conundrum

I like what Facebook sometimes is, and what it can be. I love that I get to connect with friends from high school and see what they are up to these days.

Chasing Mavericks

There are many opportunities we have to ride the perfect wave — so many chances to live life to the fullest, but they remain missed opportunities.

Repressing the Fear

I won’t apologize for that. Not because I’m insensitive to you and your feelings, but because I shouldn’t apologize for having mine.