• Commercial Distancing: The Race to the Top

    Commercial Distancing: The Race to the Top

    I’ve been reflecting on a concept recently that has the potential to guide us in staying true to our values while achieving enduring success in our fields. I’ve dubbed this powerful notion “commercial distancing.”

    As Seth Godin once wisely said:

    “There’s always the opportunity to cut a corner, sacrifice lifestyle quality, and suck it up as we race to grab a little more market share. But the problem with the race to the bottom is that you might win.”

    As creators, we aim to distance ourselves from the dissatisfaction associated with undervalued labor and underpriced offerings. By embracing commercial distancing, we chart a different course.

    To truly embrace this concept, consider these guiding principles:

    Cherish quality and innovation: It’s easy to get lost in the noise, but remember the importance of delivering outstanding quality and staying innovative. By constantly improving our craft, we can stand out from the crowd and command the prices our work deserves.

    Cultivate a memorable brand: Our brand tells our story and should connect with our target audience. Devote time to developing a rich narrative that showcases values, passion, and unique offerings. A solid brand identity shields us from market pressures and highlights the fundamental importance of our work.

    Seek collaborative opportunities: We’re all in this together, and sometimes joining forces can propel us further than going it alone. So, let’s collaborate with like-minded creators or businesses, combine your strengths, and create experiences that set you apart.

    The race to the top is a marathon, not a sprint. Through commercial distancing, we can elevate our work, nurture our values, and create something remarkable. Wouldn’t that be fulfilling?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and explore how we might integrate commercial distancing into our artistic journeys. Here’s to thriving together and elevating the creator economy.

    Stay fresh.

    —Brian Gardner

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