Introducing a Mobile-First Genesis Theme

One of the things that I love most about my position in our company is that I have the ability to try new things when it comes to design.

Usually that takes place in the context of developing Genesis themes and it’s always an adventure. So a few weeks ago I started playing with the idea of creating a mobile-first version of the default Genesis sample theme.

The idea wasn’t exactly new to me, since community member Mickey Kay and his team at Mighty Minnow had released their own version last year. I’ve also had a few brief conversations with Gary Jones on the subject of mobile-first as well.

I decided it was time to embrace the idea that a mobile-first strategy with theme development was something to consider. I’ve read many articles on the subject, and thought it was finally time to see what the fuss was all about.

So I downloaded our sample theme, installed a fresh demo and began hacking away at the CSS. Check out the Mobile First demo site to see what happened.

I plan on writing more about the actual process and what I’ve learned along the way, but in the meantime I thought that I’d share what I’ve been working on.

And … the Mobile First theme is FREE to download. Click here for access.

Customize Your Footer with a Heart Dashicon

If you take a look at the bottom of the page in my footer, you’ll notice that it does not display the default text that is output by Genesis. Many sites display “Made with Love” or “Handcrafted with Love” in that space, and I wanted to do something similar with mine. In a few quick steps it was easy to do.

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