No Sidebar — April 13th, 2015

If you head over to the No Sidebar website, you’ll see this:

No Sidebar is a weekly email newsletter that helps you identify the things in life that you can do without. Learn how to eliminate the unnecessary clutter on your website, inside your home and also within your soul.

That’s the official description for the website, but the meaning of “No Sidebar” goes so much deeper than that. It goes to places that so many of us — including myself — are afraid to go.

Yes, a (very) small portion of the meaning can be taken literally — and if I had to put a number on it I’d say it’s maybe 10-20% of the overall idea behind it. And if you’re wondering, it’s small enough in my mind to justify that I have a sidebar here on this website.

So let’s all say it together … “No sidebar doesn’t literally mean no sidebar.”

It’s a state of mind, and a new approach to life as a whole:

Minimalism is a mentality of being intentional with our everyday actions, and removing the noise that gets in the way.

Last year I started a website called Unfiltered, which was something I was passionate about. My intentions there were to build a community around authenticity, but I was personally in the wrong place for that to happen.

A lot has changed since then, and the combination of No Sidebar, and the Unfiltered I plan to host here is the result of being at a good place.

I want to share the struggles I have as an online entrepreneur, but in a way that will be seen as positive and hopefully productive. Here’s to hoping my efforts make a difference in your life.