SEO for Categories and Tags

Brian Gardner

I’m frequently asked about optimizing SEO from people who build their websites with the Genesis Framework. Most folks are aware of the SEO Settings page, but there are a few other SEO features that can be leveraged as well.

When you edit a category or tag in your WordPress dashboard, you have the option to fill out some fields that will help with building up your SEO presence.

You can see from the screenshot above what I’ve done for my Genesis Tutorials category. Clearly that I want to rank for “Genesis tutorials”, so I’ve written some text to better optimize my category page for SEO.

Google likes category and tag archives pages, especially when there is additional text on the page that includes the keywords that you’re hoping to rank for.

You’ll also want to go to the Genesis > SEO Settings page and make sure you don’t have the Apply noindex to Category Archives optioned checked.

If you’re looking for some really good examples of SEO optimized category pages, you can see what Rae Hoffman did on her Affiliate Marketing page or what Brian Clark did for his Boulder Real Estate page.