ConvertKit Starting Points

ConvertKit Starting Points

ConvertKit is an email platform that empowers creators to grow their audience, automate their marketing, and sell digital products.

It’s easy to use and includes a suite of tools, such as an email designer, customizable signup forms, a library of landing pages, and integrations for connecting tools creators use for their businesses.

Historically, options for ConvertKit email templates were somewhat limited—as there were a handful of Classic templates paired with the ability to import code and create an HTML template.

Starting Points

Things are changing with ConvertKit, as they are rolling out a new feature called Starting Points. These allow creators to save custom designs and default content when sending future emails.

Currently, there are 15 Staring Points available, and I presume there will be more on the way. Below is the selection of Starting Points:

ConvertKit Starting Points

How Starting Points Work

Starting Points include three main template sections: Header, Body, and Footer. Each leverages the power of the ConvertKit editor and allows customers to design unique emails that match their brand.

Starting Points provide creators with a wide range of options for customizing existing sections: Font, Font Size, Font Style, Color, Spacing, Border, and Background Image, to name a few.

Additionally, a block inserter allows creators to add Images, Buttons, Links, Social Icons, Personalization, Blockquotes, Layouts, and more.

Below is an example of a template called Midnight I am designing for Powder. It will be available for sale as soon as ConvertKit provides a method to distribute and import Starting Point templates.

ConvertKit Starting Point Midnight Template

I am excited about ConvertKit and look forward to being among the first to market when I sell Starting Point templates. The ability for creators to send irresistibly designed emails is well on its way.

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