Inter Font by Rasmus Andersson

Inter font by Rasmus Andersson

When I laid my eyes on Inter, it was love at first sight. It’s simple, serenely beautiful, and the typeface you see everywhere.

Created by Rasmus Andersson, Inter is a variable font family carefully crafted and designed for computer screens. There are nine weights, each with italic counterparts—a total of 18 styles.

Inter font by Rasmus Andersson

Inter is available as a variable font, encompassing all styles in a significantly more compact file size. A variable font is inherently flexible, allowing you to seamlessly blend different weights and italic angles, offering a practically limitless array of variations.

Inter, a versatile typeface, comes equipped with numerous OpenType features, enabling customization for functionality and aesthetics to suit your precise requirements. These features offer the flexibility to mix and match, creating unique stylistic variations

Inter Font: Version 4.0

The release of Inter version 4.0 marked a major update, featuring a complete redesign of many glyphs, the introduction of six new “Display” designs, and the addition of various OpenType features.

It also included technical improvements like a change in the UPM and enhanced metrics. While maintaining some consistency with the previous version, particularly in smaller text sizes, expect to see noticeable differences with this new version.

Inter Font: Free Download

Using Inter is as easy as downloading & installing it. If you want to use Inter on your website, you can get it from Google Fonts.

Inter variable font by Rasmus Andersson

Inter Font: License

Inter is licensed under the SIL Open Font License. You are free to use this font in almost any way imaginable. It can be used freely in your projects—print or digital, commercial or otherwise.

Inter Font: Resources

Below is a list of resources you might find helpful about Inter:

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